Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Ok, I set this thing up in March and never posted to it. Shame. So now I'm going to do it, dammit.

A little about me. Very little. I'm 33, recently unemployed, and in what we like to refer to as a state of "flux" -- in my career, love life and physical location. I am an aspiring communications goddess...I want to do it all -- if it can work the right side of the brain almost exclusively (I think the years of "whooping it up" with hooch and various intoxicants has hit the left side exclusively -- or I can only hope!) There are a few things I will not, under any circumstance, do for a living...

-Drug dealing
-Prostitution/Escorting/"Modeling" or Stripping

Other than that, I'd prefer not to work in the "service sector" again (Like Mike Myers in "Waynes World", I too have accumulated a great number of hairnets and name tags!)

As far as my love life...NEXT!

I hope to really get this up n' running soon, but the job search beckons! Later!