Friday, July 13, 2007

Why I Miss Working in Television

I'm taking a walk down memory lane today. Actually, I'm procrastinating. For those of you who have randomly stumbled upon this page and don't know me, I spent quite a few years working in television production. I worked at WESH in Orlando (Hi Tom!) for a number of years and worked in the control room at CNN for one tumultuous year. (I'm going to write about it sometime. I promise. I have tons of stories!) So, imagine my delight at seeing blooper reels from CNN on the YouTube. This first one has some clips from other networks on it, but at 2:16 in, you will see a sight I enjoyed every day at the Chicken Noodle Network (oh, by the way Hi Rock and Gene!), that of Lou Watters making his daily contribution to the destruction of the ozone layer. Enjoy...

These reels have the control room track on them, so I can reminisce about directors losing their minds and making various smart ass remarks. There's lots of this on the next clip as well as a prank call to Larry King. I used to work on that show and was able to catch a few pranksters before they got on the air (I was the only one who had really heard Howard Stern, so I was a hero!) Again, enjoy...

Aahhh, the good ol' days!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ok, if someone can tell me why I can't type in the title field anymore, I'd be eternally grateful. So anyway, I have been busting my tush at work, slaving away at the computer for 10 hours a day, trying to get the site up and running, so that's why I've been neglectful of my beloved blogs. P. will be traveling quite a bit these next few weeks for his job, so I'm hoping to post more.
I have finally designed this year's EPCOT Wine Fest shirt (we're going the weekend of October 13th, if anyone's interested...) In keeping with my very Frampton-centric life of late, you may (or may not) appreciate this...


I'm quite proud of this year's design and can't wait for October! Join us if you can!