Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The (Mandatory) New Year's Resolution Post

I'd love to say I've been too busy to post because I got the gig with The Impulsive Buy...but I didn't. I'd say it was an honor to be in the running, but we all know that's BS - the only honor is actually getting the gig. Oh well, real job has kept me busy enough (especially since my job role has expanded to analysis and such...sadly, my salary has not.) I'll write an update of these past few crazy months soon, but I need to get this out of the way first.

Like many misguded people, I have a compulsive need to post my new year's resolutions somewhere (not like it aids in my keeping them or anything.) Since I'm about to eat my annual new year's Hoppin' John (a tradition I believe came from my parents' friend Nikki, who embodied a modern-day Scarlett O'Hara in her "fiddle-dee-dee" glory), I need to get these out into the universe. Let's see how many I keep this year, shall we?

I'm adding a new component to my annual weight loss/get in shape resolution - severely reducing my carb intake. This is going to be a tough one, kids. My "thinspiration" for this is the fact that my parents dropped a bunch of weight by doing just this. I can probably survive for a little while based on the residual carbs still in my system from all of the delicious soft pretzels I ate in Philly. Saying buh-bye to my beloved potatoes is another thing entirely. I miss them already. I have to miss the Princess half marathon this year because it falls on the weekend of my fifth wedding anniversary (can you believe that?), so my only race I'm definitely doing this year is the Wine and Dash at EPCOT in October. I need to do some 5/10Ks before then. This involves actually going to the gym once in a while. This one resoultion alone is already wearing me out!

Writing. Almost as tough as working out. I am going to write something this year. I swear. I'm getting interested in documenting my ancestors, and may tryo to do something with that (combining my nerd love for research with my passion for writing). I found a documentary online today which basically blamed my grandfather and great uncles for the sorry state of public transportation in the US (Grrreat...), but I think I need the other side of the story! I'd also like to work more on this blog, the Frampton blog and some short stories. I was trying to follow the "write something every day" advice of my idol Augusten Burroughs, but it's not seeming to work. Damn.

Organization. Ouch, this is a tough one too. Three resolutions is all you're getting! It would be nice to have a wedding scrapbook in time for my fifth anniversary! Since P.'s traveling so much, I should be able to get some of this stuff done (it's gotta be done before our inevitable move - P.'s doing so well with his job, I'm sure his company will relocate him within the next few years.) Maybe I need to address my DVR/Netflix obsession first?

Ok, I'm hungry. Hoppin' John, here I come. Happy 2010, y'all!