Friday, December 29, 2006

Why Bother?

I don't know why I even bother with resolutions, they're always the same, which means I must be bad at keeping them. But for some, unknown reason every year I do it again - in a journal, blog or diary. So, in the interest of consistency, here goes - feel free to join in if you know the words...

1. Lose weight (this has held the #1 spot since I think I was 10.)
2. Write more. Ok, I guess I technically did "get published" this year, writing for Pop Culture Junkies, but I need to write more towards my "GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL".
3. Less TV - except for work-related viewing. I need to stop watching crap reality shows like "Wife Swap"!
4. Less soda. For real. I need to stop being a "Coke Addict" in a big way!
5. Go to church more often. Time to stop feeling like a heathen and time to turn in my membership to the Christmas and Easter Club!
6. Be a better wife.
7. Be a better friend (sound familiar?)
8. Ok, this is a new one, start my third blog. Content under wraps for the moment.
9. NEW JOB! (This should really be #1 this year.)
10. Less procrastination - I'd like to get our wedding album done before our 2nd anniversary!

That's it - let's see how I do this year! Happy New Year and a great 2007 to you!

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