Friday, March 23, 2007


Ok, it's been entirely too long, hasn't it? Lots has been going on with yours truly, so instead of fussing with my dogs "MySpace page" on Dogster (for real, the dog. You can access her page over on the side bar - click on the clueless-looking pooch), I decided to do a little updating of my own (at long last, right?) Update: I changed something and Boo's icon disappeared, so here it is...Dogster

So, biggest news is that both P. and myself have new jobs. We got them within 2 weeks of each other - and they're both in Jupiter. Whatta co-inky-dink, huh? I am leaving the ad agency I have been working (if you call surfing the net, watching YouTube videos, searching for alternate employment and writing blog entries for PCJ working) for since September for the greener pastures of a recruitment company, where I will be a marketing writer (hmm...writer, haven't done much of that in a while...a future post will detail my recent experience.) My new boss is P.'s long-lost brother. He loves to fish and seems like quite the jokester. Good.

P. has left the Japanese tackle/line company he has worked with for 3 (I think) years and is going to be doing ad sales at an (American-run) fishing magazine. He's happy as a clam, and I'm happy for him. Boo...always happy. Now, can I interest anyone in a home in Port Richey?

Geez, what else? Well, I met Wylie from "The Biggest Loser" last month - what a sweetheart. (The interview's over at PCJ.) The blogging for dough has been very good to me and I really have fun doing it (it is also responsible for my sanity over the last few months.) We celebrated our 2nd anniversary a few weeks ago (big milestone for me) and I am starting to get the wheels in motion for a church ceremony (P. wants to do it for our 5th anniversary, I'd like to do it sooner. We'll see...) We are going to Japan at the beginning of May and I am beyond psyched for that. I am trying to learn some basic Japanese, but, damn, it's really hard. I'd like to get beyind only being able to say "My name is Christine" in Japanese (which is all I ever said to my Japanese tour groups at Universal. Then we took some pictures.)I do know the important stuff though - sake, biru and sho-chu! Oh, and Pocky, of course.

My sister Colleen is getting married in July, which provided me the perfect excuse to get my best friend Kib down for a visit (as he is officially part of our family, and has been to everybody's nuptials - except for Keirnan and Tom's Illinios Adventure.) I haven't seen him since the "second time around" and I miss him terribly. I have been having fun with my old friends from high school though - and we are currently planning our 25 year reunion (yikes!) of our grade school graduation. I saw a bunch of those folks in October, but I am anxious to see a few more people I grew up with.

What else? I think that's pretty much everything for now. The new site is (hopefully) going up on April 22nd, so look for that! I promise to post well before that (and God willing, this will include photos of Mom with Jim Gaffigan! We are seeing him next Saturday. Hooooot Pockets...)

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