Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy (Almost) Halloween

It's sad that after such a long absence from this blog, that I had to return just to show off the saddest pumpkin in the world. I could have kept it a shameful secret shared with a few, wine-soaked friends at a party, but nooooo...I am a glutton for punishment. So, here goes...

I can explain. I thought it would be nifty to carve my pumpkin to resemble Gene Simmons of KISS (the makeup wearing Gene, who I think is cool. The real Gene strikes me as a complete douchenozzle.) I tried to draw a "pattern" with a Sharpie (can you see where I'm going here?) and ended up just drawing my own interpretation of Gene, sans makeup. I was trained in the arts, but drawing was definitely not one of them. And it's probably better to keep me away from sharp implements anyway.

So...anywhoo...Happy Halloween, everybody! No trick, I fully plan on recapping Napa, Vegas and general events in my life real soon!

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