Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tales of Unemployment

In keeping with my promise, I'm making my daily contribution, but I'm keeping it short as I am actually working on some writing work AND I'm going to see Henry Rollins tonight (yay!) and still have to get ready.

Let me just say that being (basically) unemployed sucks. I know I'm gaining weight, I have logged countless hours of viewing "The People's Court", "Judge Mathis" and "Judge Judy" and surfing the Internet (not only to see the same 15 jobs I've either applied for and never heard back from or am terribly unqualified for, but to check out the latest in celebrity gossip. Yikes.) I've applied for 20 jobs so far and haven't gotten one phone call. Sad, really. At least I did get a nice writing gig at the Florida Catholic (which is what I'm working on today) and I've had ample time for my recaps (which is also good.) Oh well, hopefully opportunity will come a-knockin' soon!

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Rose said...

Where's Weds. comment? Hmmmm? I'm waiting . . .