Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday's post (in yo' face, Rose!)

I have been writing up a storm today (if you missed House or Biggest Loser last night, head on over to the Recapist to see my (really lengthy) recaps.) I had a total "I could kick myself" moment last night. I saw the incredible Henry Rollins last night at a teeny, tiny theater in West Palm. I was parked directly behind his tour bus, which I thought was weird. Henry, as always, delivered a solid 2 hours and 45 minutes of smart humor (which is such a turn-on. I love his adventurous spirit and intellect. He was totally on-point last night.) As I was leaving, I saw a crowd assembled around his tour bus. Thinking, "He'll never come out.", I got in my car and proceeded to leave, which is the moment I saw the man himself emerge from the stage door. But, since I had: a.) no camera and b.) none of his books on hand, I decided not to look like a complete dork and try to re-park the car. I'm sure I would have said something equally as stupid as what I said when I met a comic idol, Eric Idle, when I worked at Universal, "You're my favorite Monty Python guy!" (And I said that completely sober. Honest.) I think "You're my favorite Henry Rollins guy" may have gotten me a place in his act, but I'm sure he was happy to have one less hand to shake. I did it for you, Henry...just remember this for the next time you go on tour, 'cause I'll be armed. Camera, books, photos...I'll have 'em all!

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