Friday, January 02, 2009

Cut and Paste...2009 Resolutions

I was so tempted to just recycle last year's resolution post, but I decided to write a brand-spankin' new list of New Year's resolutions that I'll recycle in 2010. So, anywhoo....

As always, I could stand to lose a few pounds. I'd like to make more of a concerted effort to go back to eating more vegetarian products, as I felt better when I did. I haven't been a regular at the gym either, which can be attributed to my difficulty sleeping and having to get up early to go to work (not that I'm complaining...I love my job!) I just need to get back into a shape of some sort - mainly so I don't have to buy any new clothes. Shopping bores me anymore. That's sad.

Since I'm (still...and probably will always be) obsessed with matters of weight, resoultion #1 had to be what it is. I think the most important resoultion is to write more - not just the stuff I'm paid to write from 9 to 5, but these (terribly neglected) blogs of mine. I'm never going to get a book going (or a pamphlet for that matter), if I don't hunker down and write a little bit more. I have lots to say (although it doesn't look that was as of late) and I need to get cracking!

You know what? I really don't have anything else. I think these two are pretty all-encompassing. I do resolve to have a killer 40th birthday - but that's pretty easy. Especially with my friends. I guess I'll end this post with a promise to have another one up very soon! Happy '09, y'all!

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