Thursday, July 09, 2009

All the Twitter Posts You Missed from Abaco

Since I don't have the crazy, disposable income that allows me to send text messages from our weekend in Abaco, Bahamas (here's where we stayed, by the way), here's a compliation of the tweets I would have sent. I did send one before we left - when we arrived at Ft. Lauderdale airport late, huffed and puffed to the ticket counter and one working. It's never a good thing when there's no one at the ticket counter, especially when you're dealing with a charter airline company. So, without further ado...enjoy my trip in segments of 140 characters or less...

Friday, July 3
- I've never approached a runway at a 90 degree angle - until today.
- Now it's Paul's turn to be bagless!
- Welcome to paradise! It's raining!
- Conch! Nature's perfect food...
- Paul off to get his bag, it was actually on our flight but misplaced at the airport/shack.
- Paul back from the liquor store with Fire in Da Hole and (Ricky) Ricardo rum. Party is on!
- Went snorkeling. Saw HUGE lobsters. Where's my lemon?
- Piano player in the restaurant looks like Samuel L. Jackson.
- Apparently, no one applauds for the song stylings of SLJ. Except me.
- There's a band playing saws. It's called a "rake 'n' scrape". I call it AWESOME.
- I've been dancing like a fool...and according to Paul, a velociraptor.

Saturday, July 4
- Bahamian rum drinks = yum. Bahamian Bloody Marys = meh.
- Just made the sweatiest trek to the bank ever.
- Kalik Light beer, a comfy bed, frosty A/C and Tropic Thunder. Can it get any better?
- There's a wedding on the beach. I'm not crying...there's something in my eye...
- SLJ asked if I was a musician, because of the clapping thing. I asked for a Peter Frampton song.
- Don't bet on a crab named Michael Jackson if he's up against one named Elvis Presley.
- What's with the foreign countries and racing animals anyway?
- Someone really ought to do a reggae version of "Killing in the Name"
- First 4th of July I've ever had to watch fireworks on TV

Sunday, July 5
(I actually didn't write any tweets in my notebook after Saturday, so I'm making these up on the spot.)
- Another sweaty bank trek. At least we had some pina coladas to make it a bit more bearable.
- I've never seen Paul chill out as much as he has this weekend.
- SLJ played "Baby, I Love Your Way" for me. I love SLJ. Clap, clap!
- I wonder if I'll ever tire of conch...

Monday, July 6
- Good half day of fishing - Nassau groupers, turbot and snapper-a-go-go!
- Somehow, we missed the message that our flight was leaving early.
- Eating lunch in the cab as we scurry to the airport/shack.
- After all the effort, flight delayed.
- One more Kalik for the road.
- Heat, flies and mosquitos - the delights of the Marsh Harbor airport/shack.
- Watching the propeller on the plane attempt to sputter to life.
- Had to make a stop. Sigh. Maybe we can have A/C to Ft. Laudy?
- Customs. Ack.
- Home, sweet home - after 90 minutes in line!

Let me know if you like this short 'n' sweet travel recap. It just seemed to fit the quick getaway so well!

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