Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Amazing What You Can Find on YouTube

(I know! Two posts in one day! Amazing!)
I was trolling around the Internets the other day and found a little something I'd share with you (although, maybe I shouldn't). Back in 2002, before I was a "Mrs.", I happily volunteered to be a bachelorette on a dating game on a radio show. It was on a show out of Orlando called the Monsters of the Midday (they're now the Monsters of the Morning, and I'm still a devoted listener.) I had a blast on the broadcast, which was filmed for a cable access show (the actual episode never aired, but some of the clips ended up on the DVD for the radio show - this clip is all that's left of my "15 minutes of radio fame").

WARNING: the clip is slightly NSWF. You'll see me around the 2:20 mark, and you can stop watching (unless you're still curious) after about 3:30 or so.

I'm sure my folks are so proud.

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