Thursday, April 07, 2005

Aaaaah! I am so stressed! Finding a job is a daunting seems I have been looking for a job since I graduated from FSU (waaaaay back in 1990!) Why I didn't just stay at my first post-college job at the Shrimp Pocket is beyond me! (Not much money, but I never stressed and had all the shrimp and crinkle cut fries I could eat!) I have found with this most recent assignment that I am definitely not an accountant (which adds to the list of other things I am completely not cut out to do...sales, telemarketing, professional wrestling, crackwhoring...) For some reason, I feel even blonder than I am when I attempt to do any financial transactions at this job. As a temp in the department I am in, I have become good at playing dumb on the phone (as I am not permitted to say "No comment") and really good at taking things (and people) from one end of the massive campus to the other (I think my nickname should be "Interoffice mail"!) I am really looking forward to being done with this, as I think I may take a summer vacation and possibly spend some quality time with the new hubby - as he travels for work quite a bit and between that and the creeping crud I have had since the honeymoon, I have hardly seen him. On the up side, we haven't fought once!

One disadvantage of hubby not being around is that I have been free to watch the all of the crappy television shows I can. I am addicted to "The Surreal Life", I can't help it. I have watched all 4 seasons religiously. I have an affinity for has-beens (I guess it's because I am a "never-was"!) I am curious as to what (besides money, obviously) motivates these people to do this - and to behave the way they do knowing that their actions will be seen by the other dumb-asses like me who tune in every week.

Last night, however, I stumbled onto a very interesting little program on the awesome network Trio. It was called "Good Clean Porn" and it featured the "classic" film "I Dream of Jenna" - porn without all of that distracting sex and nudity. Good God, that woman cannot act her way out of a paper bag - not that it matters. She has that plastic-Barbie doll look and I am sure she is good at many other things, that were not showcased on this program. It is really funny to watch the "acting" in porn flicks (it's also quite amusing to watch the sex scenes in fast-forward mode - or maybe that's just me.) I much prefer the dramatics, the sex is pretty boring. I have never used a porn video for the purpose I guess it's designed for - to spice up things for you and your partner (or right hand). Every viewing of a porn flick for me has always involved friends, "Mystery Science 3000"-type commentary and often, some form of alcohol. But...I digress. Kick-ass show.

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