Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Alright, already. I have made a few (albeit feeble) attempts to get this started, but since I am stuck in the world's most dead-ended job, I have ample time to insert random thoughts into this here blog.

I am currently temping (yes, 13 years of college to be a temp) at a large television shopping network in the PR department. I am a glorified secretary - answering phones, making copies (cannot help but think of that annoying Rob Schnieder SNL sketch when I say that), sorting mail, basically being an errand bitch. I hate it. The worst part is that I, who until recently was carrying around an unfathomable amount of credit card debt, am now doing the accounting for the entire PR department! The delicate irony of the situation amuses me. I had approximately 4 hours of training, but haven't managed to totally screw up anything. Of course, I am covering for a girl on maternity leave, and I am hoping she tires of all things baby real soon. Not that I have anything lined up, mind you. I seem to have acquired a number of allies at this company who want to keep me working here...only not in their departments! One girl has tried to pawn me off on one of those "independent contractor" gigs selling financial solutions to families (more irony!) I am kinda, sorta hoping to have a little "summer vacation", one where I can get my act together and have a fresh start. (Since the beginning of 2005, I have gotten a new car and a new husband, so a fresh start seems to be in the cards for me.)

I promise to be more up-to-date with this blog (more a promise to myself than to anyone else) and hopefully the blog will reward me with enough stuff to finally get the great novel in my head to paper, or at least an e-book!

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