Tuesday, May 17, 2005


My days as a temp are over! As Ruth Dunbar (the wonderful Holland Taylor) once said on "Bosom Buddies", "Welcome to the topsy-turvy world of advertising!"

I start my new job June 1st. I bid adieu to the electronic retail world next Friday. Until then, wacky busy work. I have had to research celebrity look-a-likes for the past 2 days and I have learned the following:

- ANYONE can be an impersonator. I'm blond, and look like about half of the Britney/Marilyn/Madonna impersonators! (Actually, when I worked for the Planet Hollywood web site, I came in 8th in a Britney look-a-like contest!)
- I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but have concluded that the companies just can't spell. At first I thought the misspellings were to avoid copyright infringement, but most names were spelled correctly.
- Besides Cher, J-Lo and Pam Anderson - British agencies have much better look-a-likes
- Some people have cruel friends ("Sure, you look exactly like Jennifer Anniston!")
- I guess it's ok to be listed with more than one agency if you are a look-a-like. I keep seeing the same, tired folks from site to site (such as the lone Sandra Bullock I have seen on a bunch of sites.)
- If you need a Leo Sayer look-a-like, I have located one! (Remember him? He sang "You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'")
- What do you do if you're a fat Anna Nicole look-a-like? Diet and drugs now? Or just wait...

I can't wait to actually be doing important and relevant things at work. Thank God for the Internet! (And for my husband's insurance. Full-time jobs at small agencies have their benefits, but they don't lie in the medical and dental areas!) I am excited about this new adventure, but have to survive a week working on...dah, dah DAH!...a reality show! More later...

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