Monday, July 11, 2005

Ebert I'm Not...

I had a few extra, project-free moments at work so I decided to write some quick movie reviews (with hubby out of town a lot, and hurricane scares a-plenty, we've had lots of time to see movies. So here's a summary...

Batman Begins - Christian Bale...yummy! Kick ass flick, best of summer. See it in IMAX if you can.
Land of the Dead - Shawn dealt with the dead much better. Even the punk version of the dead movie (Linnea Quigley with the Barbie crotch - remember?) was superior. Dennis Hopper should retire.
War of the Worlds - mediocre. Good special effects, even crazy Tom Cruise was good. Story sucked. Why did they come? (I know HG Wells didn't give a reason either, but, c'mon!) Still liked "Mars Attacks" better (ack! ack! ack!)

Alone in the Dark - Tara Reid can't fake smart - at all. Fell asleep.
Seed of Chucky - John Waters was in it so it wasn't all bad. Gina Gershon mention (my girl crush.) Britney Spears look-a-like eats it (high point of flick.) Actually Jennifer Tilly is quite funny whilst making fun of herself.
Prozac Nation - Paul made me shut this off, because of all of the screaming (by Christina Ricci and Jessica Lange as her Jewish mother (!) Not even close to the book. Don't bother.
Cursed - Christina Ricci (again!) in a really bad werewolf movie. Ellen's girlfriend Portia de Rossi in a "why bother" cameo. Does mark the triumphant return of Scott Baio (guess this is his "Pulp Fiction"!) Much more entertaining as "Teen Wolf"!
Fat Actress - Kirstie Alley is my hero. Even though she has the hots for Kid Rock (eeewww!), she put together one helluva self-depreciating sitcom. Better than any network sitcom (although what is she really up against? "Yes Dear"? "Joey"?)
Chappelle's Show: Season 2 - It's funny, bitch! Wayne Brady AND John Mayer...hilarious!

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