Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tomorrow...it's only 4 days away

Yeah, yeah, I promised an update, so an update you will get. Pictures, however, are a different story.

Let's see, career-wise, things are fantastic. I don't think I've ever put "career" and "fantastic" in the same sentence ever before. I work for Buzznet as a web producer for Pacific Coast News, a paparazzi agency. So I'm again back in the world of celebrity journalism - kinda like my days at Planet Hollywood, but I don't have to kiss Sly or Bruce's ass anymore, which is a definite plus. I'm also still writing the recaps for Recapist, so with all of the writing I'm doing, I rarely have time for recreational writing anymore, which is kind of a pity, as I finally got inspired and have a great idea for a book. I guess that's what retirement is for, hmm?

In other news, Paul and I just celebrated our third anniversary on March 3rd, which is a big deal for me. After the first go-round, I would have never believed I'd be married ever again, let alone for 3 whole years. Yay, me. And a big yay to Paul, of course. Paul and I went to Hawaii just last month and Paul came to cheer me on for my third Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January. If I can photoshop myself slim enough, I'll put those pics up soon.

Ummm...I finally saw Van Halen last month as well as Barry Manilow - a concert to which I won a trip to Vegas to see him again. How come that never happens at a Peter Frampton show? I know there's been some other stuff I wanted to write about, but I get a free moment and everything just gets forgotten. I will re-collect my (non) thoughts and post more soon!

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Rose said...

Thank you for returning to your blog. Congrats on the anniversary! Marc and I just celebrated 7 years on St. Paddy's Day. Happy Easter!!