Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One More Year

Sigh. Yup, I'm 39. Can you believe it? One more year and I'm 40 - which they say is the new 30 - "they" being people who are probably 50 or older. But hey, I'm still desperately clinging to my youth (I'd like to stick around my late 20s as my "youth" if I could). Of course, I've spent this year's b-day (so far) doing things that celebrate my old-ness. Take for example this past weekend where my high school girlfriends and I went to see Earth Wind & Fire. Yep, no Good Charlotte or that Vampire band or even Foo Fighters. Earth, Wind and Freakin' Fire. And they didn't even sing "Love's Holiday."

I'll have more reflections later. I promise.

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