Thursday, January 19, 2006

Broken Resoultions

Yes, I managed to already break a resolution. I haven't been writing, and I should be ashamed of myself (I am). I have stayed slim (I managed to fit back into my "Prince Pants" - my favorite pair of pants ever. They are black and lace up in the front and on the flared bottoms. They were my favorite club pants - I looked "hot" in them (well, with me, I don't get much hotter than "lukewarm", but you catch my drift. Of course, I don't think the "Prince Pants" are going to see much action in Port Richey - they're not going to fit in at the "Karl Reef", that's for sure!) I have been keeping the house (relatively) clean - I finally tackled the mysterious pink mildew in our bathroom, so I've been doing the good wife thing (haven't seen much of P. since New Year's, so a clean house probably isn't the best possible indicator of what a good wife is.) I have been away from the TV a lot more, mainly because I impulsively decided to clean out the closet in "my room" (aka the guest room - our guests can stay with us as long as they don't need to hang anything up!) I have old photo albums, scrapbooks and things that need to be put in scrapbooks strewn all over the floor, along with every single thing I ever wrote, from my My Melody diary I had when I was 10 to the last incarnation of my now-abandoned thesis. (Sniff - don't get me started on that.) It's hard to get rid of things, except for my "fat clothes", I was glad to get rid of those! School stuff is the hardest. I have textbooks from my Radio/TV days that I think don't even talk about cable, and have lessons for editing 3/4" video tape (I'm sure even the podunk station I worked at in Panama City doesn't even use that anymore) and I'm positive I won't need any papers discussing the films of Francois Truffaut for anything...ever. But it's stuff I wrote, so I'm keeping it (P., who also was a Comm major, has some outdated books too, so I'm sure we'll both come to our senses someday and pitch them. (Note, I said "someday"...)

What was I getting at? Oh yes, resolutions. #2 has still been a tricky one. I am still very much in limbo with that. I have my days though, so it's at least a step in the right direction. So, 3 out of 5 ain't bad, right? I did sign up for an online writing class through the university, so I'm trying. And I will start writing a lot of random stuff here, just to keep the right side active. I am also keeping up muy other blog, runninfitz - if you read it, you'll find out why. Oh well, the painkillers are kicking in (getting over my current medical problems would greatly contribute to improving my chances of achieving the happiness I'm searching for!) so until later...

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