Monday, January 23, 2006

Clipped Wings?

I read online that today is the "gloomiest day of the year" and for me, it's kind of ranking up there with some of my not so pleasant days. Yes, there are the usual Monday problems, but my travel plans may be seriously curtailed for the next few months. I have only been at my job for a year, but I have already taken 15 days off. 15! Wow, it didn't seem like that many. Friday here, Monday here for long weekends with P. It wasn't an issue until a long Valentine's Day weekend in Savannah came up. That request led into a week in Costa Rica that may not happen now. Oh sure, I could go, but I'd be going as an unemployed tourist. I don't know what to do. We (P. and myself) had talked this past weekend about our future. He has been travelling a lot, and we haven't had a lot of "quality time". By July we will know if we're staying here (albeit not in Hooterville!) or heading east to be closer to P.'s office. I need a change, that's all I know. I am sad, miserable and lonely. I am trying to expand my horizons (I have been really good about easing up on my television consumption, well...except for "Flavor of Love"- yeaaaaahh boooooooyyy!) but I just feel like we're almost roommates - not even, as I saw my roomies more than I see my husband. It sucks. I sent P. a frantic email this AM when I got the news - I'm sure he's probably pissed and/or confused at the moment. Ought to be an interesting conversation tonight!

By the way, my youngest sis got engaged this past weekend! Despite my "doom and gloom" attitude, I am really happy for her and my future brother-in-law!

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