Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The snow turned into rain...

Yeah, yeah, yeah....everyone does it, and they all pretty much look the same, but I can't help but add my resoultions to the 2006 pile. So, here goes:

1. Lose weight. How trite. Do you think anyone resolves to gain weight? At least I don't have as far to go as I did a few months ago, when I was a bit more "fat and happy" (see #2). And, best part, I found my old, "skinny" jeans - and they FIT! Saves me a chunk of change, as I was going to replace my (now) baggy jeans that looked like they had a garage sale after the bus and truck production of "Annie" (a.k.a. the "Ragamuffin Collection"!)

2. Get happy (or at least happier). This one is way harder than losing weight. I have a great hubby who's patient, cool, fun, patient, tolerant, nurturing, supportive, did I say patient yet? - and I should be ecstatic that I was able to pull the, I mean find someone like him (I'm such a kidder!) BUT (not as in big but...that's back to #1) I am so dissatisfied with ME. I am stagnating at my job (definitely not what I signed on for...I wanted to be Peter Scolari on "Bosom Buddies" (Henry/Hildegarde - advertising copywriter extrordinaire), but am more like the late, great Wendie Jo Sperber (Amy - office flunky, coffee bitch. If you don't understand these references, too bad - you should've watched the show!) If you want to take a bright side approach, at least I have time to write (see #3) and conduct very important Internet research (such as finding the "More Cowbell" sketch from SNL and searching for a DVD of "Valley of the Dolls" to add to my horrendous movie collection.) Unfortunately, I still don't really, truly know what I want to be when I grow up (and at 36 years old that's probably not a good thing.) The deadline to complete my graduate thesis has come and gone, and nothing bugs me more than being a quitter, so that's also weighing on my mind (even though I really don't have a good use for a Master's degree in Mass Communication...) Let's see, what else? I am a horrible parent to my pooch (who I'm sure regards me as "Ol' Candy Ass".) To quote Eddie Murphy, "My chi'dren don't lissen to me." She has a blatant disregard for my calls outside, and is much more content eating duck poop than coming tome when I call her. P's the disciplinarian here, as it probably should be with "kids", but children don't chew on your shoes and computer cables when left alone for a few minutes (or so I've heard.) And of course, the cherry on top of my angst sundae is my living situation. I have still to make a real friend - and it's really hard when you're a good 25 miles away from any activity. The house is taking it out on me - I came home after Christmas to find "my room" flooded out and many of my pictures destroyed - not to mention the fact that all of the furniture and objets d'crap that occupied my room now takes up space in our living room, den, and "my" bathroom! I hate being in limbo - as soon as P's comany gets straightened around and established a permanent home base, my hands are basically tied. Add to that the fact that I'm alone a lot, as P.'s been travelling quite a bit as of late (left in "Chaos Central" with an adolescent German Shepherd with an attitude!) 2006 is going to be a moving year for more ways than one! Whew! That probably should've been a few resolutions! Onward...

3. WRITE - in any way, shape or form! I think I have my novel/novella starting in my cluttered mind (title is there, as well as general direction - but I'm not quite ready to get an agent yet!) I have to make time to do this - and in a perfect world, not during the workday! I also want to be more dilligent with this blog (after next week may be concluding, so I will devote to this one full-time) as it may lead me to some great story ideas (and it's quite cathartic at times...) So, in order to write, looks like I should...

4. Watch less TV - sit on my lazy butt less. When you get psyched because "Celebrity Fit Club 3" is on, followed by an "I Love the (year, band, song)" marathon, it's probably time to step away from the boob tube. "Trading Spouses" is not supposed to be the most mentally stimulating part of my day (but I feel more like a "God Warrior" for watching it!) Yes, "House", you will not be snubbed (I can't, I am developing a girlish crush on Hugh Laurie) and "The Office" and "My Name is Earl" will make up the rest of my "must see" list. Other than that - life's to short to watch crappy on-demand movies (and boy, 2005 was ripe with them: "Blue Demon", "Dark Town", "Dracula 3000" and that God-awful Chris Atkins vampire flick just to name a few) so free time should involve activities such as writing, exercising, walking the pooch and other such things.

5. Be a better friend and wife. I actually started on the first item last month, as I managed to send out Christmas cards (but it's the first Christmas after the wedding. I think people are more apt to send cards that first year. I need to pick up the phone and call folks more often (one activity I could actually add to #4.) Being a better wife is going to take more work. I need to go fishing more and, well, see #4 again! If I get #2 going, this will also help out immensely!

Five is enough, right? Oh, there's still other things like boning up on my Spanish, taking a guitar lesson, getting de-cluttered, cooking dinner more often, making it through a whole day at EPCOT Wine Fest and such. I am optimistic that 2006 will be a good one!

Later, 'Taters!

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